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I would like Upper Management to know what an EXCELLENT experience selling our gold both 2 months ago and yesterday at your Westside Pavilion location has been. Dorothy Huey provides exemplary service, as does Anthony Corrado, store manager, and is of high value to you as employees. Courteousness, how to buy metal coin attention to detail, politeness, professionalism, and explanations of what they were doing made me a loyal customer who will continue to refer others to your organization. A bouquet of string instruments adorns Gold Philharmonic coins produced by the Munze Österreich, or Austrian Mint, in Vienna.

sell metal coin

There used to be restrictions on gold ownership before 1975, but that era is long past. You can sell as much gold or silver on the internet as you wish.

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Use our extensive website to look for the coin or round you think it may be. We have detailed pictures and even videos for all products! If you have a 1 ounce silver coin/round try starting in the ‘Silver’ section and search for the 1 ounce size. San Diego Coin and Bullion is one of Southern California’s leading dealers in rare and collectible foreign or world coins and. Buying gold online is as safe as any other transaction you make over the internet as long as you know you’re dealing with a reputable company.

APMEX also offers bulk discounts on bullion and coins on purchases up to 19, 20 to 99, and 100 or more. That’s just 6% above the spot price of gold at $1,782, which is reasonably competitive. Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure.

How To Choose A Reputable Gold Dealer

We are also very fair and competitive on our pricing. The price of your scrap gold is determined by a number of factors, including purity / Karat of the gold you are selling.

APMEX offers an industry-exclusive $10 credit if your order is delayed. Overall, cash for gold and cash for silver companies are the best option for getting a good value for your items. In addition, there’s a high degree of privacy with silver or gold investments. You don’t need financial consultants to purchase or sell them.

Selling Gold For Cash: The Takeaways

If you do store your gold at home, be sure to check that your homeowner’s insurance covers its potential loss or damage. BGASC is also a Certified Coin Exchange member and an authorized dealer for the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation . While that may be a high bar for smaller investors, its $9.95 fee for orders under $5,000 is still affordable. BGASC handles its own storage with an accredited storage vault insured by Lloyd’s of London. JM Bullion prides itself on its dedicated customer support, which is accessible during business hours via live chat, email, and phone.

sell metal coin

They do not apply at all to American Gold Eagles, American Buffalo, Austrian, Australian , Chinese or any fractional bullion gold coins. And they apply only if you sell at least the minimum quantity that is equal to the quantity of a commodity contract for the object.

The World Leader In Investment Grade Bullion Coins

Coin & Gold Exchange is just the place you’re looking for! We have been in the business for over 25 years and will pay you more than what our competitors do for your items. Stop by any of our Gold Guys stores and sell your gold coins, sell silver coins and more. We have seven convenient locations around the country, in Minnesota and California. The size of your transaction will also play a role in how you’ll want to sell.

We test ALL items sold to Money Metals Exchange in house and are able to test bars inside of assays, so do not remove bars from their assay. Also, for Junk Silver dates, ensure that the dates are legible. Junk Silver was used as U.S. currency and because it was in circulation it can be a variety of different conditions. Some coins may be more worn than others and ensuring that the dates are still legible is an important process. Any smaller items like individual coins or even tubes should be put into a smaller box to ensure a safe transit. Pre-1965 Dimes, Quarters & Half Dollars should be identifiable as having been minted prior to 1965. We buy and sell all Bullion products, and can arrange shipment/delivery to your location if desired.

Buy And Sell Gold In Roanoke

Prices are determined by date rarity, condition, and precious metal content. Because our staff is well trained and very experienced we are able to evaluate your collection quickly and accurately. There is no need to keep broken gold and silver jewelry, old watches, gold plated spoons or any other broken item when you can get paid for them!

  • Examine all items closely, using a magnifying class if needed, to determine the weight or denomination of each.
  • Package your valuable coins so that they fit securely within the box to prevent damage from the items clashing together.
  • Secure the lids of all coin tubes by placing a strip of tape across the lids to ensure that they do not come loose during shipping.
  • Once your items are received by Provident Metals, your payment will be issued within three business days.
  • Coins of precious metals officially minted for purpose of investment.
  • We have detailed pictures and even videos for all products!

Silver bullion coins also come in limited series that usually contain two to twelve coins. Examples are animals from Chinese Lunar New Year or the twelve signs of the Zodiac. San Diego Coin and Bullion is one of Southern California’s leading precious metals firms. We are San Diego’s trusted dealer in precious … Read More… San Diego Coin & Bullion is one of Southern California’s leading precious metals firms. SchiffGold is committed to only selling the most liquid products, which is why we don’t offer numismatics, proof sets, or special editions.

Popular Productscoins And Bars Frequently Traded In The Bullion Industry

That is, they are the easiest to sell at the best prices. These include products like the gold & silver American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs.

  • These coins are different from coins you would spend.
  • Gaithersburg Coin Exchange is the number one location for all your precious metal needs.
  • There is no charge for our free appraisals, even if you decide not to sell your coins.
  • Do you have broken jewelry lying in your house with no purpose?
  • This is also extremely helpful if you’re considering selling a large collection of antique coins or trying to sell rare coins.
  • Coin & Gold Exchange is just the place you’re looking for!

We typically recommend using the United States Post Office, which has flat rate boxes that can be insured up to $25,000. Once we receive and verify the contents of your shipment, we send your payment via wire or check.

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This is particularly true for jewelry, which can be much more valuable in its setting if it comes from a designer like Tiffany. However, it can also be true for gold-trimmed china pieces and other collectibles.

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Kitco even offers courier pickup in many areas of Canada and the USA. Gold and silver investors know the value of Kitco’s live charts for gold prices,silver prices and other precious metals and commodities prices, both current and historic. Want to know the price of gold per oz yesterday or last week? Kitco is the most reputable source for the price of gold today, as well as precious metals prices over time. Kitco will also buy gold and buy silver from our customers, offering competitive gold prices and silver prices.

In conjunction with GoldStar’s custodial services, TPMD will complement…. You’ll typically receive a lower resale price for scrap metal than you would for bullion bars, coins or rounds. This is because scrap metal has to be melted down and then fabricated into a form that investors or industrial manufacturers desire. Gainesville Coins openly publishes our Bid and Ask prices on all eligible items. This gives our customers transparent and fair pricing information on what their bullion is worth when deciding to sell old coins. We offer the best prices for scrap silver, silver dollars and more in Roanoke.

sell metal coin

There is no better way to maximize your buying position, as well as your sell or exit strategy. Our QuickShip® program guarantees any eligible order will be processed & shipped within one business day.

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