1st Quiver: The Cupids trip Series exy tale of modern fancy, old gods, & the mortals caught

1st Quiver: The Cupids trip Series exy tale of modern fancy, old gods, & the mortals caught

A fun, sexy account of contemporary appreciation, old gods, & the mortals caught within the crossfire

Contemporary Fantasy | Rom-Com | Twisted Greek Myth | Approaching of Age |Classic Famous Fiction | Fantasy Romance

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In Beth Greenbergs hilarious lowest dream unique First Quiver, we meet up with the 3,375-year-old Cupid just as hes banished to Earth, in which hes about to discover the highs and lows of personal fascination with the first time. The ironic capture? Cupid can not possess woman hes dropped deeply in love with; as an alternative, he must select the woman true-love match. A lighthearted and brilliant romp, mingling internet dating apps with ancient gods for the proper balances of silly and nice. Reedsy Breakthrough

Perfect combination of mythology and rom-com. Amazon Overview

Quirky, smart, and innovative, this guide hits all the right records for mythology lovers. Banter abounds, training include learned, and relationship was forefront within account about finding the sweetness and soreness of love. A whole cast of characters were produced and reinvented, completed with a deft touch through this brand-new author and creating the show. NYT, USA now, and WSJ bestselling writer Melanie Moreland

About 1st Quiver:

Discipline of a mischievous god is no chuckling issue, but Cupid just cant let himself. Immortality is lonely for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus. Appreciation is actually a game title he can only perform from the sidelines and something time, he takes that online game past an acceptable limit.

ed in, getting an increase of cure accompanied by a-sharp spike of embarrassment. Their wings flexed, lifted, and flapped.

Quicker he dropped, though his wings overcome harder. Flapping next flailing then flipping, an end-over-end freefall. Feathers flew every which way, blocking the air like a giant pillow combat until there are not much more feathers to shed no way to reduce his ancestry. Wind whistled through scant retracts of his halfchiton, all of that maintained their last shred of self-respect.

He drawn in a superficial breath, subsequently another. Blood pounded in the ears. His center raced like wanting to beat the rest of your towards mountains base. The stunning styles of tinder profile for men Mount Olympus went along like a smeared oil artwork while he tumbled prior, light headed and disoriented and entirely at the mercy of the guidelines of physics he most likely needs settled extra attention to within academy.

1st glimpse associated with Great affect choked his lung area with fear. The gray vapor created a chilling likeness towards jaws of Zeus, open to ingest him complete. Breaching the border regarding the mortal community was actually explicitly prohibited, but he couldn’t need ended their ghastly tumble to beg entry even if the guy wished to. The guy braced for an accident, although entrance stood available.

Cupid dragged in the latest breath of Olympian atmosphere, invested in memory their last blurry peek on the just house hed actually ever understood, and gone away in to the blinding froth.

The cloud sealed around him like a dense, damp fleece. Icy droplets slipped between his mouth and clung to their lashes. The fluffy mist slowed down their drop to a sufferable speed, more drifting leaf than dropping brick. Foam plugged his ears with quiet. All he could hear was the extremely erratic beat of their own cardio additionally the views banging around in his mind. Dangling between two planets, he had been greatly by yourself.

Not their own mommy have stood by him.

Would she nonetheless not care and attention when the gods happened to be to decide to torture your? The outlook of actual damage delivered a violent shiver through Cupids body. He had never much concerned himself with the fate of Prometheus, but now he couldnt shake the image of the great Titan chained to a rock while a giant eagle tore away at his exposed liver, day after day for all of eternity.

Imagine if the gods needed feats of great strength? The guy not much more had the brawn of Hercules than the guy performed the forbearance of Prometheus, therefore the ultimate anxiety: imagine if I do not succeed? Howevernt function as first fallen jesus not to see their room once again, the guy remembered with huge cardio.

Fear worked it self into a knot of bravado. With the Underworld with all of those! Hed operate when their base smack the groundor drag themselves if his thighs had been as well mangledand not just be sure to build straight back their monotonous, predictable existence. Youll getting sorry next, Mother.

As though responding to when it comes down to goddess whod birthed your, the truly amazing Cloud spat Cupid out with a raw shove into Earths surroundings. The mortals environment tasted sour, he made the decision with a smack of his mouth. Colour palette dulled to muted blues, veggies, and browns, just as if somebody have driven a curtain over their vision. The guy questioned if hed adapt to this new world or if hed even need. A forceful tug cut brief their speculation.

Invisible hands pulled your toward the bottom with scary velocity. Earths the law of gravity, the guy recalled suddenly, was actually really serious businesses. His arms twitched of behavior but best reminded your he had no landing gadgets at all.

He battled straight back horror using may well of three thousand years of belief within his mothers appreciate, though he had to know hed sorely analyzed Aphrodite this time around. Cupid was still considering their mothers cardio as soon as the grassy industry increased meet up with his base.

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